Hello,  I am Goran
Friends also call me Go.
Multilingual :
French , English and Croatian
Digital Art Creative Director, Born In Sarajevo, who lives and works in Montreal since 1995. Raised by the '80s. That means Duran Duran, MTV, Blade Runner. Mario Bros and Zx spectrum.
18 years of experience in collaborating, creating and resolving visual delights, identity systems and brand guidelines for a different range of industries. My life path gave me the opportunity to enjoy crafting many different creative, artistic and design projects, as well as helping those that need a better presentations online.
Sometimes as freelancer and sometimes full time employee being a part of well managed creative teams that I had privilege leading and working in different arrays of industries. Architectural, Technological, Health, Food & Beverage, Leisure, Travel, Editorial and Educational
It is truly wonderful gift to make absolutely most of the life that has been given to all individuals trough a specific well crafted experiences.
My job is to make those experiences unforgettable since I am truly believer that more you experience the more you can offer to others. By definition of greatness my saying will be to push the envelope and trust your experiences.
Since 2010 I have been responsible for bringing visual and digital concepts to life 
The Beauties and the Beasts 
Pivot Point Canada
Shortcuts Software 
Medfar Solutions 
Public Cible 
Edition Sylvain Harvey ​​​​​​​
Jajou production
Ad Literram
Julie Besette
Cirque du Soleil
Securitex / FireGear 
Scintilla Technologies
Yule Turovski 
Montreal En Histoire
When I am not busy educating people on the difference between fonts and typefaces, I can be found taking time doing exercise or working on my book, cooking with my friends or simply just working on my next big thing