About process  

Montreal based accomplished creative multi-disciplinarian - art director specializing in brand strategy, web and corporate identity development. This includes the brand design, visual content and supporting collateral that communicates your brand's message in the most effective way. Focused on concept and execution where campaings can touch the core of your hardcore fans and clients.
About You 

My greatest wish will be to serve in an inventive and agile environment where people act collectively, with only one thing in mind: "How to create a better tomorrow". We all know due to nature of this work that sometimes it can be funny and sometimes it can be challenging but that in my opinion is what the life is all about. The success without the challenge is not a success but an average product and truly being average is not something that anyone would wish for in today society.
About Brands

Understanding the requirements of your clients, collecting data on a micro and macro scale it is a foundation for an exceptional job. The adrenalin rush of brainstorms, Concepting, Campaigns, and all the enjoyments and bonbon that art director can enjoy through his journey, not to forget an amazing collaboration with so many different cultures and people. Ability to work with others, to understand, conceptualize new concepts  and create new generation experiences for clients it's basicly why i love my work.
About Visual design 

The visual design gives a shape to the user experience through considering the effects of illustrations, photography, typography, space, layouts, and color on the usability of products and on their aesthetic appeal. The rest is much about execution and targeting the defined clients needs. My background as the Senior graphic designer gives me ability to lock down the style with strong support of my visual design ideas and concepts.
About Creative work 

Montreal en Histoire, Avianor, Yuli Turovsky, Lumenpulse, Julie Bessette My Favorite Robot Records, Cirque du Soleil, Rib'n'Riff, Jadco Construction, Montreal en Lumière few names that have passed through personal collaborations or as the client. Latest big entry was medical Tech Company Medfar solutions. My job as art director was to create a strong brand image that will be recognized as leading Clinical Software solution, that trough circumstances became more focused on User Experience and user graphic interface for new generation of EMR cloud-based platform.  I am truly excited about the idea that I may help people and companies achieve their dreams through a specific, measured and creative way, and what better way than applying the knowledge in the medical realm where time saves lives
About Work Routine 

From research to the concept, observation and processing new information is always in direct connection with the vision of my client’s identity. Inspiring, leading, coaching and managing is just few of the things i do with my team ( French or English). The constant agile collaboration on the higher level  is the key point to have the strongest result on the end. Lots of people need honest and transparent help when they are rebranding or doing everything from the scratch so I will try always to be as much direct with my team and my clients about the process that it takes to take them from paper to final product.
About  Methods
In a few words: Design flows and experiences that are incredibly simple and elegant. Packaging and print is also a part of my job so in last years good part of the jobs included:  advertising, brochures, book designs, and stationery. Prototyping and rapid iterations based on feedback. Being in the industry since some time now gave me opportunity to work with really outstanding trusted local talent and specialist so they can assist you in any additional deliverables covered in the dev phase.
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