Medfar Solutions
Innovation at the service of health 
Medfarsolutions is Montreal High-Performance Healthcare Technology company that is taking international and local medical institutions by the storm.
Being a part of this experience was complex and satisfying in every way possible. From promotional materials, icons, brand image to complex software UX and UI designs my work was to simplify visually and try to create iconic, balanced and easy to use interface trough web platforms and other modern devices technologies. As art Director job was also to reinsure the dev and graphics team are constantly updated on changes in very agile environment.
They have  been named the "Jury's Favourite" as part of Deloitte’s 2016 Technology Fast 50TM program. The company, which has tackled the task of computerizing the health system in Quebec, won over the jury with flair.
Their most known platform MYLE is web application that provides a complete, collaborative and effective solution for medical teams. Thanks to this unique integrated platform, MYLE offers easy access to patients’ medical records, minimizes administrative tasks and incorporates powerful tools to improve patient services.
Established in 3 countries with more then 800 establishments, 6500 Doctors, 14 000 users and 25 million patient files.
Medfar is continuing to grow in one of certainly biggest
 Med / health care web technologies known.
.Adaptive mobile design
.Brand placement
.Art Direction / Creative lead

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