My Favorite Robots
Music Label
I got approached by Robots to create a series of unique stories and artworks that will be presented on the upcoming My Favorite Robot record label and band covers in 2018. If you know robots and their unique signature sound you will be able very fast to recognize the stories attached to them. Noir, dirty, voice tripping, surprising, Inspired with some amazing electro beats, mysterious and unique as Voytek's voice can be this is what MFR is all about. 
Robots are celebrating 10th anniversary of being together. Special editions of Vinyl Records to posters, visual online an print presence.
Band : My Favourite robot (CAD) Remix by : Dj Tennis
Title : Barricade
Release Date : September 08 2018
Catalog ref. : MFR175
Ibiza’s DJ Awards has chosen My Favorite Robot as a nominee for this year’s ‘Newcomer’ trophy. Composed of two Canadian allies, Jared Simms and Voytek Korab, My Favorite Robot has amassed global recognition within just a few short years. 
Band : Fairmont (CAD)
Release Date : February 9 2018 
Catalog ref. : MFR162
Their record label, My Favorite Robot Records, and monthly podcast, Crossing Wires, have received equal attention with a selection of abstract house and techno around the world.
Band : Villanova (FR)
Release Date : December 14, 2017
Catalog ref. : MFR162
Band : My Favorite Robot (CAD)
Title : Pink Horror
Release Date : 2018
Catalog ref. : MFR170
.Label cover design
.Illustrations and stories
.Vinyl design
.Hand crafted materials
.Art creative direction 
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